webPics: a Web-page Photoalbum Composer

The central component of webPics system is webPics.py: a small Python program that creates a collection of photograps (or other digital images) in a form of a web-page collection of user-supplied .jpg and program-generated .html files.

By design, the format of the generated web-page files is simple to the extreme, so that, at the expense of some "visual effervescence", there is a maximum possible confidence that WebPics "photo-albums" will be effectively displayed by any .html-rendering device, past, present or future.

On the other hand, WebPics provides a very comprehensible mechanism by which an image can be accompanied by text, as, more often than not, a photograph must be accompanied by words in order to become an effecite communication medium.

Before examining its features and operation, inspect a demo-album created by it. It is available in two resolutions: "large", intended to be viewed on desktop monitors and "small", intended to be viewed on tablets and laptops:

For program documentation follow [this link].

The program itself, as well as all the files required to build the demo webPics album are available in [this directory].

For comments, bug reports or for additional information, please write to: